Monday, April 17, 2017


CocktailGuess is a prototype game I made for Unity3D. The aim was to learn the ins and outs of the Unity3D engine and editor and to examine the difficulty of making a multi platform game. It also served as a way to learn about creating and editing vector graphics.

The player needs to remember the ingredients of a certain cocktail. He then needs to find those ingredients in a bar to mix that cocktail. For each correct cocktail he receives points. With every 10 levels completed the game gets more difficult. Two wrong guesses are allowed and on the third it's game over.

  • Beach bar feel
  • 2D vector graphics made in Inkscape and some from freepik
  • High score list
  • Sound and music
  • Increasing difficulty
  • New cocktails and ingredients easily be added by editing XML files
  • Touch support
  • Multi platform 
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